thersa 3@0,5x

I’ve been following Donavan on Instagram for a while and always loved the value that he shares on his social media. I decided to invest in his one-on-one training as I felt like I needed a more tailored program to help me with my training. I lost a lot of my strength and flexibility after having my daughter, so Donavan gave me a short and sweet training program that included the stretches and hip conditioning that would help with the areas I was struggling with. He also has very good technical knowledge of Taekwon-do kicks, so I really appreciated that as an ITF 5th Degree Black Belt. It’s really hard to find black belts who understand proper hip movement in kicks above and beyond sheer flexibility. Donavan was easy to contact and easy to schedule, regardless of our time difference, so working with him from across the world was a breeze. I would definitely recommend his personalized plans!