Why We All Need Innovation in Our Lives

Innovation is often a term used in business to describe a company doing or thinking about something completely different from every competing company out there.  But innovation is something we have to go through as human beings as well.  We all grow as people, and if you are too afraid to change, then you will be imprisoned in the same state of mind for the rest of your life.


Innovation is something I’ve been struggling with in my life lately.  For those of you who follow me on social media, you know that I’ve created a name for myself in Martial Arts and Flexibility.  Thousands of people follow me on social media to see me throw my leg in the air or bend in some “unnatural” position.  It is the foundation of who I am, and if you’ve read my blog post “How Martial Arts Changed My Life Forever”, you’ll see that developing these special skills has built me into who I am today.


Because of this, I’ve been terrified to continue to branch out.  I’m stuck in this cage where I feel the only thing I can post is a photo or video with my leg in the air.  I’m a very creative person, so as you can probably imagine, this repetitive lifestyle doesn’t work for me.  But I’ve been stuck in this mindset where if I try something different, I’ll lose everything I worked so hard for.


I believe this is a common issue for a lot of people.  People have these great ideas, but they don’t act on them because it doesn’t fit inside the small box we put in our minds.


We need to step out of our comfort zones and do things that scare us.  That’s the only way we’ll grow.  Look at some of your favorite musicans.  Most of the time, you’ll notice that their new album has a completely different vibe to it than their previous album.  Hopefully, if you listen to music of quality, you see the artist change their style and evolve with every album they put out.  Those that don’t, usually don’t last very long in the music world.


One of my favorite musicians is Lady Gaga.  Sometimes she tries something new, and it doesn’t work out.  But she doesn’t sell out and just try to appeal to the mainstream media.  She does something completely different again, until something is widely successful.  Despite her failures, people continue to sit at the edge of their seats waiting for what she’ll do next.


One thing we fail to realize is that failure is part of life.  Without failure, there is no such thing as success.


It’s okay to fail.




Say it with me one more time;




Everyone makes mistakes.  And it’s okay to make as many mistakes as you want, as long as you aren’t making the same ones over and over again!


When it comes to being innovative, you can’t expect to succeed all the time.  Look at Apple A.K.A my favorite company on the planet.  They almost went bankrupt.  They were all but done for.  One  failure after another lead them down a hole that no one thought they’d be able to crawl out of.  But Apple is an innovative company, and because they continued to innovate, they crawled out of the depths of the hole they got themselves into and are now one of the biggest companies on the Earth.  This is all because they weren’t afraid to fail.  They weren’t afraid to innovate.  And now they can set the price of something however high they want, and there will be a line out the door to buy it.


Innovation is critical to success.


This doesn’t make it any less scary.  It’s the scariest thing on the planet, and the thought of it makes me want to hide under a rock,  but I have so much more to offer than my leg in the air.


So as I embark on this new journey, where I start innovating in my life and business by slowly introducing my other passions to all of you such as coffee and music, I hope that you will all stick around and use that as inspiration to be innovative in your own life.  There’s nothing worse than feeling trapped in a cage.  You are the artist of your life, and it’s your job to create a masterpiece that you can be proud of.


If you’d like to be part of my journey, and innovate with me, be sure to follow me on social media below!  I’d love to connect with you and hear your thoughts!


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